LANEIGE Time Freeze Trial Kit 3 Items

LANEIGE Time Freeze Trial Kit 3 Items

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  • [Laneige] Time Freeze Trial Kit (3 Items)

Time Freeze Essence 5ml:

Total Anti-Aging Essence uses Dynamic Collagen technology to actively improve the 5 aging factors. A smart, comprehensive essence that alleviates five common symptoms of aging in women ages 25 to 34; flaking skin, changing complexion, rough skin, loss of elasticity, and fine lines.

Time Freeze Intensive Cream 10ml:

Anti-aging cream that keeps the balance of elasticity and improves the density of collagen. It promotes elasticity of skin with Collagen Ex Techonology.

Time Freeze Eye Serum 3ml:

Total Eye Serum helping reduce aging of skin around the eyes. Patented Dynamic CollagenTM upcycles aged collagen to strong and healthy one; Watering Peptide strengthens hyaluronic acid layer and promotes collagen upcycling. Smart Eye Serum that cares all kinds of concern with eyes(Elsticity, Wrinkles, Dark Circle)



Time Freeze Essence 5ml + Time Freeze Intensive Cream 10ml + Time Freeze Eye Serum 3ml