"Makeup artists love what they do, but love doesn't pay the bills." I came across this quote on Instagram and it made me realize that a lot of people don't understand why booking your own professional makeup artist can be a bit pricey. Many think that they are overpaying professional makeup artists and that they are way too expensive, but do you know how much these HMUAs spend just so they can provide the service and be able to achieve your dream look? 

1. Almost all of their paycheck goes to buying more makeup to be able to serve more clients.

2. These professional artists are the ones who will go to you for your makeover, so yes, you're also paying for their gas and other transportation fees just so they can travel to you.

3. Ladies, we all know that makeup isn't easy on the pocket at all. Of course these professionals would want to use high quality products and tools on you!

4. Makeup products don't last forever! Artists have to replace their makeup every few months.

5. They need to buy looots of makeup and other tools. Also, some makeup products doesn't work on everyone so there has to be alternatives.

6. Clients have different complexions, therefore these artists have to buy multiple products in different shades.

7. These artists have experience, years of training, and education just so they can provide the best for their clients A.K.A. you.

8. They got bills to pay as well, so they can reach more people, and have more clients!

9. It may seem like an easy job, but it isn't. Most artists work full-time and this is their only source of income and way of living.

10. Not only is it their job to make you look more beautiful than you already are, but they also genuinely want you to look and feel your best. 

Featured image from @shalisaelizabeth_'s  instagram